The Reason Why Valentine’s Sucks

People Truly, Actually Hate Valentine’s Day – Here Are All Of The Factors Why

VD is the worst.

Financial irresponsibility to get wish of “anything added” in the room = love. Ug. Make Cupid die.

It is mostly the guy’s job to complete the planning and investing. (notice: Hetero-centric is actually our viewpoint. No offense / exclusion proposed.) And when he plans well enough, and racks up the credit debt, he or she is compensated with fornication. Possibly that fornication comes with an additional benefit, but don’t ignore the most common courtesies, you can also just forget about that ever happening again, even though its valentine’s in Venice with an asteroid hurtling towards world spelling doom for many.

Why don’t we break this foolish day down:

If all goes best next congratulations, you only ordered your self lip service with a Hugh Grant-sized cost upon it.

Beyond every pricey bullsh*t, or that it’s a constructed Hallmark vacation, or the proven fact that it really is centered on some pervy old lady hookup Roman goat losing ritual that presumably safeguarded all of them against being consumed by wolves (or something like that), or it in addition sucks for unmarried folks and it sucked back in primary class (that episode of  forced me to weep), the fact I hate a lot of about romantic days celebration is the hope that  may be the time you will probably be romantic, and woe to the guy who’s not. 
Fail this very day, and you shall never be considered a date, fan or partner. Toil mightily from inside the pursuit of March fornication, or perhaps be shunned and forced to self-gratify in lonely bitterness forevermore.

Thus, no pressure.

Crazy idea: take to becoming intimate year round and screw this stupid time.

The most significant thing that lovers battle about is cash, sex, work, kids and tasks. Check out “screw valentine’s” connection methods for both sexes:

Boycott Valentine’s Day by distributing it out, making use of collective effectation of 365 days of more compact functions of love and love blowing stupid February the dumb 14th out from the foolish h2o.

And what will we be doing this romantic days celebration for my wife? Some very intimate stuff, in fact, including composing a really love page, giving her flowers, giving the kids down someplace, and producing the lady a pleasant dinner for just the two of us. Simply because we will end up being celebrating the twenty-first anniversary of me providing the lady a sparkly little stone and inquiring this lady to put up with me until i am about incorrect side of the dust.

The reality that it happens to be February 14th is actually purely coincidental.

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